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Whistle Blower

Whistle Blower

A Whistleblower (Qui Tam) Lawsuit case may be brought by a worker who discovers illegal behavior, fraud or other wrongdoing by their employer and is willing to come forward with that information. Federal and state law protects and rewards workers who reveal fraud, illegal behavior and other wrongdoing against the federal or state government. These cases are brought under the False Claims Act (also known as the “Lincoln Law”), and this statute allows whistleblowers to collect 15% to 30% of financial damages collected as a result. Various laws and statutes also protect whistleblowers who report illegal practices in the private sector and they are subsequently fired, demoted or punished. Many laws specifically have provisions that protect individuals from corporate backlash including statutes such as:

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA);
  • Clean Air Act/ Superfund (protects reporters of environmental violations);
  • Sarbanes- Oxley Act (protects individuals who report corporate fraud);
  • The Civil Rights Act 

Common areas of wrongdoing in the corporate private sector involving fraud or illegal behavior related to government contracts or oversight include:

  • Fraud by defense contractors;
  • Kickbacks/ bribes;
  • Medicare fraud;
  • Healthcare fraud;
  • Overcharges;
  • Granting contracts without competitive bidding;
  • Illegal mining/ logging/ illegal use of environmental resources;
  • Fraud involving public works projects;
  • Agricultural subsidies;
  • Municipal bonds;
  • Falsifying regulatory compliance

A whistleblower case must be filed under seal and copies of the lawsuit must be delivered to the Justice Department.

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