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Child Injuries

Child Injuries

Many children each year are injured or killed due to defective products such as toys, high chairs, cribs, crib liners, swings, playground equipment, medicines and other types of products used in everyday life.

Many of the multi- national corporations that manufacture such products seek to cut costs at the expense of safety and might consider such incidents to be statistically acceptable in their cost risk analysis. Since children are sacred to us, injuries caused by the negligence of corporations are never statistically acceptable. The number of recalls each year, involving children’s products, are especially disturbing.

The recent banning of drop side cribs emphasizes just how dangerous a defective product can be. Recent important children's product recalls from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission include:

  Whether or not there has been a recall of a particular children’s product, you may very well have a case if your child has been injured. Davant & Associates is uniquely qualified to handle these types of cases. Attorney Robert Davant has successfully litigated cases where defective products involving injuries to children. We will thoroughly investigate your claim, document and gather evidence, have appropriate experts review products and your medical records and vigorously pursue your case. 

If you have a catastrophic or serious injury as a result of a dangerous or defective children’s product, don’t allow them to treat your child like another statistic.Call Davant and Associates today for a free consultation (412) 519- 2274
send an e-mail directly to Attorney Robert Davant, or submit your case online for a fee case evaluation. 

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