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Delayed Diagnosis / Misdiagnosis Mistakes

Delayed Diagnosis of Cancer and Other Serious Diseases 

Early diagnosis is essential to the treatment of serious diseases such cancer.  It is estimated that 128,000 Americans are injured or die as a result of a delay in diagnosis or misdiagnosis of cancer each year. Approximately 12 % of cancer patients are initially misdiagnosed or have a mistaken delay in the diagnosis of Cancer. See the online journal Cancer. These medical mistakes can cause a patient to have a delay in treatment resulting in the spread of cancer, or may cause any other number of problems to an individual patient, including disfiguring surgery, unnecessary chemotherapy, amputations, and radiation therapy.

The causes of misdiagnosis or the improper delay in diagnosis a patient are many:

  • Improper blood and tissue sampling. 
  • Inaccurate reading of laboratory tests.
  • Improper reading of mammography testing.
  • Misdiagnosis leading to delay.
  • Improper communication/ documentation.
  • Neglect to recommend relatively routine testing.
  • Misreading of test results.
  • Failure to diagnose/ treat abnormal test results.
  • Failure to account for contra-indicated drugs.

Common misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis all too often involves serious diseases and ailments such as cancer, cardiovascular problems, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, MS, depression, meningitis, appendicitis, and infections. 

The experienced medical malpractice lawyers at Davant & Associates will seek as much financial relief as possible for injured patients, and families of victims of medical mistakes related to the misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis.  We will have your case reviewed as quickly as possible, and let you know whether we believe you have a case worth pursuing, usually within days of obtaining relevant medical records.  In the event that we agree to take your case, we will retain experts to issue written opinions before we initiate a lawsuit, and to testify if necessary.  Please contact Davant & Associates for a no obligation free case evaluation.

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